Spiritual Retreats For Women

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Women need other women to talk to and for support. That is one of the greatest reasons that spiritual retreats for women have grown in such popularity. Often times the husband has no desire to go on a retreat and sometimes does not have the same interests as his wife. Therefore, a retreat with other women who have shared spiritual interests can really give a woman a huge spiritual and emotional boost thus recharging her batteries. That is why these retreats are so popular and important to the mental and emotional health of spiritual women.

Christian spiritual retreats for women are very popular retreats and are probably the most popular kind. The Christian woman is usually very spiritually hungry. Therefore, these kinds of retreats fill up fast. Usually there is a keynote speaker at the retreat who may speak in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. The woman may break up into small groups following each teaching session to discuss the message and how it applies to their lives. They may also have prayer together in a small group. Sometimes private counseling and prayer is also offered by the camp staff.

Another popular type of retreat with woman is a shared interest retreat. A quilters or quilting retreat is an example of a shared interest retreat for woman since men are not usually interested in this activity unless the result of such an activity covers them on a cold winter night. These retreats can last days and three nights. You will meet new friends, and quilt to your hearts' content. Workshops, lecturers and teachers will be scheduled for you. You are also given enough time to quilt. The vendors at the retreat demonstrate what's new and they are available to answer your questions. You may meet other Christian women at these retreats with whom you can become friends for life.

Another shared interest retreat for women is the Christian health spa fitness and beauty retreat for women. All women want to have beautiful skin and a beautiful figure and so these retreats for women are very very popular and fill up mighty fast. Yes, we know that in the Book of Proverbs it says that charm is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. But how much more beautiful is the woman who has both the fear of the Lord and physical beauty. The Christian health spa retreat facilities offer all kinds of beauty treatments, and have exercise equipment, whirlpools, saunas and various videos and learning experiences to help you gain fitness and more beauty.

Not only are Christian spiritual retreats for women about shared spiritual interests with other women, but they are also about overcoming shared problems such as weight loss. A Christian weight loss retreat for women provides teaching, weight loss tools and strategies, group sessions, small group prayer, and homework so that you find the help and support that you need in order to overcome the issues that are causing you to gain weight. You will be given the right kinds and right proportions of foods at the retreat that will help you to lose weight. You will also be warned about the foods that you should stay away from when you go back home. You then go home and put into practice what you learned so that hopefully your Christian women's retreat experience becomes a lifestyle.




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