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With a Christian Native American ministry or missions retreat, you can create a spiritually enriching time for the people who come to your retreat center. Here are some topics that may be covered at this special kind of retreat. Learn about the original plan of God in having white people come to a land where the Indians lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years. Learn about how Christians can more effectively reach out to the First Nations Tribes living in what is called North America and how you can help.

You can help with the establishing of Native American Christian churches. God never intended to have white people impose upon the Native Americans their own foreign customs and "civilization" in the name of Christ and call it the Gospel. Learn how the white man can adopt Native American cultural expressions when preaching the gospel to Native Americans. Learn what you can do to help restore God's original intention for Native Americans and Christianity. But who can bring this very special message and teaching to your Christian retreat? Enter: Lockley Bremner at Healing For The Natives Ministries. You can contact Lockley on his cell phone: 406-250-8968. You can also contact him on Facebook: or try:

Why should you consider Healing for the Natives Ministries for your next retreat? Healing for the Natives is a ministry to all nations through the anointed ministry of Native American "Worship Warfare" that effectively utilizes Native American cultural expressions and powerful preaching. The accompanying music is often a composite of Native American and contemporary Christian that liberates the captives. Through Native American worship the true God is exalted and fire from heaven falls. Through the power of the Spirit barriers are being torn down and reservation Christians are being united with the larger Body of Christ.

Through Healing For The Natives Ministries the wounded warriors are being healed, equipped for battle, and released as Native American evangelists. Non-Indian whites are having their eyes opened to the original calling of Anglo Americans in reaching the Natives with the gospel of healing. Anglo Americans are learning how the majority church pursued a course of "Manifest Destiny" which was promoted by bad U.S. president Andrew Jackson who launched America (and the majority church followed) on a course of civilization instead of evangelization.

This course of Manifest Destiny brought many curses upon the United States. Proverbs 26:2 says: "Like a sparrow in its flitting, like a swallow in its flying, a curse that is causeless does not alight." Have you ever heard about the curse of Tippecanoe? In the book titled: God's Plan of the Ages As Revealed In Bible Chronology by the late Gordon Lindsay who founded Christ for the Nations Institute he writes about this phenomenon as a judgement cycle just as he clearly shows that American wars occured in a pattern of seventeen year cycles in that same book. Yes, this twenty year judgement cycle upon the presidency also called the Tippecanoe curse appears to be a result of the evil policies and actions of the U.S. federal government toward the Native Americans and particularly the involvement of President Harrison who was involved with "Manifest Destiny" and the expansionist war of Tippecanoe. He was also the first U.S. president to begin these seven judgement cycles of death by dying as president in 1841 after being elected in 1840.

It is documented that from 1840 to 1960 seven American presidents who won an election in a year ending in zero (1840, 1860, 1880, etc., etc.) died in office. This judgement cycle upon the Presidency of the United States took place seven times (God's number of perfection) and it stopped with Ronald Reagan who is coincidently an honorary member of the Black Foot Indian tribe of which Lockley Bremner is a blood born member. Ronald Reagan would have been the eighth president in the cycle to die in office, but because the judgement cycle happened seven times it was completed and eight happens to be the number of resurrection. So although Reagan was shot he lived and in a sense was resurrected off of his hospital bed to resume his duties as the best President of the United States in the last half of the twentieth century.

But the real remedy for healing and erasing the other curses upon America is for Christians in America to heed and follow the guidelines for the healing of a nation and the land within that nation that are found in the Old Testament book of 2 Chronicles 7:14 where it says: "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways (failure to carry out God's plan of evangelism for the Native Americans) then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and HEAL THEIR LAND." It is time to befriend the Indians as Christians, and through Holy Spirit empowered evangelization America must return to the God appointed condition of both Indians and whites living as Christians in harmony with each other. The first pilgrims befriended the Indians as exemplified at the first thanksgiving where whites and Indians shared with each other and the Indians taught the white man how to make popcorn. Anyone reading this dislike popcorn? Thank you Native Americans for teaching us how to make popcorn.

Healing for the Natives Ministries is situated in northwestern Montana within the Flathead Indian Reservation and is totally involved with Native American Christian mission outreach through the power of the Holy Spirit, but by the time you read this the ministry may have relocated to Oregon territory. This ministry was established by the Lord through Lockley Bremner whose Indian name is "Ee-Doh-Moh" which means "First into Battle". Lockley is descended from the Blackfeet/Cree and he is a Christian Native American pastor and evangelist. His wife Traci is descended from the Assiniboine/Sioux. Both Lockley and his wife are officially ordained ministers and have been involved with the spread of Native American Christianity through anointed ministry to Native American Christian Churches for many years now. He has preached before a number of predominantly white congregations also. Lockley has been licensed by the Foursquare Church. He also functioned as advisor to the "Montana School of Prayer", and has also been connected with World Wide Ministries of Fresno, California. But all these ministry affiliations established by man pale in comparison to God's appointed role for Lockley as a Sovereign Son who is led by the Holy Spirit.

But do not just believe my testimony about what God is doing through Healing for the Natives Ministries, even though I am a giving you an objective report as a white man who was descended from Swedes and Germans. I am not the only white man's voice crying in the wilderness of historical deception about what happened to the Indians in America. Please also listen to Pastor Scott MacLeod (another white man) of Provision International in Nashville, Tennessee and what he says about this Christian Native American man of God: “Lockley is a gift to our Nation! He holds keys of healing and awakening for America and beyond! He is one of the most gentle, strong and balanced Native American leaders that we know of in America. We highly recommend him and his ministry to you or anyone who is considering him coming your way! You will be exceedingly blessed, inspired and challenged by this wonderful man of God!” (end of quote) I (the writer of this web page) can also say that the first time I met Lockley, I could see the wisdom, light, and depth of the Holy Spirit upon his countenance and therefore could see Jesus Christ shining out from him. In the next paragraph is what happened the day I met this man of God whose descendants were among the real founding fathers and whose braves were among the original homeland security of the land we now call North America.

This writer saw the Glory of God revealed at Celilo Park which is near the Celilo Indian tribe. I was there for one Saturday out of the three day camp meeting that they had. This four day event in total was a commemoration of the 1840 revival among the Indians that preacher Jason Lee conducted as an evangelist. The purpose of this event was to reclaim the Spirit of Revival that the Indians experienced during the 1840 meeting when something hot came down from Heaven and the Indians threw down their tomahawks and asked for forgiveness and went out into the bushes to pray. It sounded like birds singing. Were they singing in the Spirit?

By the way, there is a man of God by the name of Aaron Auer who is an evangelist and is having an impact on Native American Christianity. He has a ministry of reviving this same evangelistic spirit toward the Native Americans that Jason Lee had when he obeyed the call to preach to the Indians in the Pacific Northwest where during just one meeting alone over 800 Indians received Jesus Christ as Lord and were baptised. Aaron Auer at and Lockley often speak at the same worship services together. They are a dynamic duo who encourage whites to fulfill the original plan intended for their ancestors. There will be revivial in America when whites heed the admonition from the Book of Revelation 3:4-5 where it says: "Remember from where you are fallen, and repent and do the first works." The first works given to the Europeans who came to America was to bring the Gospel and the Book of Heaven to the Indians. It is time for the church to take up this torch of evangelism and carry it to the Indian tribes so revival can return to America. Let us now look more closely at the Saturday Celilo meeting that this writer attended.

Now here is a summary of the Saturday I spent at this Holy Spirit filled revival meeting (facilitated by Lockley Bremner and Aaron Auer) near Celilo Park in July of 2011: What a wonderfully glorious day it was filled with signs and wonders and healing. I will never forget it. There was a community parade in the downtown area of the Dalles, Oregon at the beginning of the day. It was raining before the parade, but the rain stopped and the skies cleared when a prayer commanding them to was spoken by those involved with the revival just before the parade started. Thus everyone at the parade could enjoy it and see the "float of reconciliation" go by that the Indians and whites at the camp meeting had prepared for the parade. Later at the afternoon camp meeting Ee Doh Moh (Lockley Bremner) was also struck down by the power of God two or three times at the beginning of his sermon. Thunder also rumbled during the several sermons given by about three people during the afternoon worship meeting (Aaron Auer who had already been given the name "Pure Thunder" was one of them) and the thunder demonstrated who was really speaking at this revival meeting (God).

Furthermore, one of the people at this afternoon meeting was a descendant of a white family who came to this particular area many years previously and carved out a life for themselves at the expense of the Indians living there. She got up at the meeting and asked for forgiveness from the Indians for what her ancestors did. They forgave her. After the afternoon worship meeting we had Holy Communion followed by a baptismal service down by the Columbia River. Each one of us poured out half of our cup of grape juice in the water and on the land as an act of prayer to bring healing to both the river and the Indians who live in the Celilo Indian Reservation because of the injustices done by the European settlers to the Indians in the area. After the Communion and while the baptisms were talking place one of the people who had also attended a similar service held at Wounded Knee, South Dakota tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the skies. When I looked up I saw a cloud in the shape of a feather with no other clouds in the immediate vicinity. He told me that the same thing happened at their Healing For The Natives meeting at Wounded Knee, South Dakota which took place a year or two ago. So this was a sign from God that he loves the Indians and wants healing to take place and wants the Indians to come to know him so that many Native American Christian churches are planted, equipped, and revived.

So in conclusion, all these signs and wonders that took place at this Native American ministry gathering in July of 2011 showed me that this time together meant a lot to God and he wants salvation and healing to come to the native people in the U.S. through the ministry of whites as God had intended at first, and reconciliation and healing to occur between the Native Americans and the descendants of the European settlers who came later. The white people who first came to America were supposed to live in harmony with the Indians and bring the Gospel to them so that even the fierce Indian tribes could have been won over to Christ and thus have lived at peace as Christian brothers and sisters with their white brothers and sisters and with other Indian tribes. America could have been a city set on a hill and an example of mixed racial brotherhood and harmony before other nations if evil greed had not gotten a hold of certain influential white men, and if the out of control U.S. federal government acting through bad president Andrew Jackson had not come up with "Manifest Destiny", break over 700 treaties with the Indians, and conquer the Indians using policies and laws that God never intended for the Native Americans. This all resulted in the sovereignty and freedom of the Indians being taken away from them. Their way of life in harmony with nature was stolen from them and it was placed on the altar of expanding white civilization that brought curses to America (one of them was detailed above), environmental pollution, greed for gold and modern comfort, harmful pharmaceuticals, prisons, fiat currency that is being debased by inflationary policies, processed food with chemical additives, and other destructive things to both man and nature on the North American continent.

Instead of adopting a policy of respecting the Indian's way of life and trading with the Indians by bringing the Gospel to them and receiving instruction from the Indians about how to live in harmony with nature as a nation of small farmers as Thomas Jefferson wanted America to be, the white man failed to follow through on their calling to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and the Book of Heaven (see about the fascinating Book of Heaven story) to the natives who had a way of life in harmony with nature for hundreds and hundreds of years on the North American continent. It is the mission of Lockley Bremner and Aaron Auer to ignite the fires of the original missionary calling in the hearts of many white Christians and Indians so these people together as one man in Christ can help bring the healing Gospel to the natives through the power of God. Lockley Bremner can bring this message to your church or even at your Native American ministry retreat sometimes also called an American Indian missions retreat that you facilitate for your group. You could also have Lockley or Aaron Auer speak at the retreat, conference or seminar held at your church. Please contact Lockley on his cell phone: 406-250-8968. You can also contact him on Facebook: or try: if you want a genuine Christian Native American minister of the gospel to come to your retreat or church. Aaron Auer, the mostly white man I mentioned who is involved with Native American ministry and missions primarily in the Pacific Northwest can be reached at his email address found on




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